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VVIP Escorts is an upscale escort agency in Kuala Lumpur. We provide escort service in Kuala Lumpur to gentleman with exceptional taste for good food and classy women. Our clientele, both locals and foreigners, are well educated professionals, successful businessmen and prominent figures in society. When they come out to enjoy or entertain they want the best and can afford to pay for it. Money is never an issue while privacy is of utmost importance. Our clientele like to take their time when they enjoy and usually they like to shop, dine, or party in style with our beautiful escorts. We fully understand their needs and know how to make them happy.

Our Escorts

Unlike other escort agencies in Kuala Lumpur, we do not have a lot of social escorts. VVIP Escorts only have a few girls but they are the finest ladies in Kuala Lumpur. Our social escorts are fit enough to serve Royalties, politicians and prominent businessmen. Our escorts are handpicked and only the best girls can stay in our agency. This is because VVIP Escorts operates in a niche market and caters to an upscale group of clientele hence it is necessary that we set such benchmark.

Another notable difference with our escorts is that they do not serve many clients. They are well paid, well tipped and well treated when they dine, play or party with our clients. Our escorts are trained not to ask questions about the client’s background even though they have seen them on newspaper or TV. They will also not give their contact numbers to clients to ensure clientele’s future privacy.

There is one notable point to mention about our escorts and that is if you treat them like prostitutes or demand for kinky sex they will not do your business. So far we have not encountered such incidents because our clientele are understanding gentlemen in every sense of the word. They really know how to treat a lady well in order to get the best out of her in return. No wonder why they are all successful people because they are intelligent and tactful especially when it comes to handling beautiful girls. Let’s just say they know how to throw money at the right place and at the right time.


How to Make a Reservation

There is only one way to make a reservation with our escorts and that is to call VVIP Escorts after 12pm (noon). Please do not email or sms to make a reservation as we need to chat with you or your proxy. Don’t worry we are not going to ask who you are. Our purpose is to determine whether you are suitable to be our client and also to let you know what escort is available. At the same time, we will also tell you which hotel is girl friendly whereby you don’t have to come down to pick-up your guest.

It is important to note that VVIP Escorts do not do house calls. We will not send our escorts to your residence because we respect your privacy. Neither will we send our escorts to budget hotels because our clientele do not stay in budget hotels.

When you make a reservation it is usually for an evening appointment because our escorts only come out in the evening. Special arrangement can be made if required. They will come out in time to have dinner/supper with you before going to your hotel depending on what time you want our escort to arrive. Please save your stomach for the delicious food because it is free of charge. VVIP Escorts takes care of its clientele by serving them the best food in town accompanied by the best girls in town.


VVIP Escort Package

Our escort package starts off with a dinner/supper appointment with our escort in a famous western cuisine restaurant in Kuala Lumpur city center (Complimentary dining from VVIP Escorts). You will dine with our beautiful escort so that you can get to know her. You will enjoy the finest appetizers followed by a main course - seafood or steak.

1st appetizer : Air flown New Zealand oysters (chilled with ice or baked with cheese)
2nd appetizer : Escargots Bourguinonne (French snails in garlic sauce)
Main course : Charbroiled Rib Eye Steak / Seafood Platter / Grilled Salmon

We strongly recommend the oyster baked with cheese because it is simply delicious. It also serves as an aphrodisiac since you have such a beautiful girl in front of you and knowing that she will be following you back to your hotel. The garlic sauce for escargots is absolutely mouth watering and so is the charbroiled rib eye steak (must try). The steak will supply enough energy for your acrobatic stunts on the bed. If that is not enough call VVIP Escorts and we will throw in another ox tail soup to bring out the tiger in you absolutely free of charge.

Having eaten the best western food in town with the most beautiful lady it is time to adjourn to the hotel for some relaxation. Our escort will give you a soothing massage and after that you are the director of the movie. You can direct a boring movie, a comedy or the best porn in town it is entirely up to you. If you are not too keen on directing a movie perhaps you can go shopping or karaoke to sing your heart out. Our social escort is there to accompany you in whatever you want to do.

If you are hungry in the late evening (before 2am) give VVIP Escorts a call and we will arrange to send you supper. Again, it will be the best prawns (fried) as well as crabs (sweet and sour) in town. We will arrange the food to be delivered to your hotel. Seafood (especially prawns) is known to give hard erections if you eat the head part of the prawn. Trust us you will love the prawns and crabs (local style) as we only recommend the best food for our clientele.

VVIP Escorts 3 Hours 6 Hours 9 Hours 12 Hours
VVIP Escorts (non-Chinese) 1,450 1,800 2,800 3,150
VVIP Escorts (Chinese) 1,950 2,700 4,200 4,950

* FREE dinner only for 9 or 12 hour booking

If you are not staying in a Kuala Lumpur city center hotel then you will miss out the finest food in the city. Not to worry, we can also send our escorts to you.

  • For those gentlemen who want to dine and play in style give VVIP Escorts a call today. We will show you the way to a great night out with our beautiful escort. We will also treat you to the finest food Kuala Lumpur has to offer.
  • If it is your birthday then you should reward yourself by dating the finest girls in Kuala Lumpur. VVIP Escorts will arrange a delicious dinner for both of you and after that our beautiful escort will sing a birthday song for you using your reproductive organ as the microphone. The outcome may not sound like a happy birthday song but then again it depends on how you moan and groan.
  • If you want to impress or entertain a business associate for a multi-million dollar contract VVIP Escorts is the only agency to call in Kuala Lumpur. We will arrange the finest food in Kuala Lumpur for your client while our escort will seal the deal for you in bed with their legs spread. Big contracts are easier signed on the bed than you impressing them with financial figures.

Call VVIP Escorts after 12pm (noon) to make a reservation or if you have further questions feel free to ask us.

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